It is known that the first settlement of the residents of Söğütlü District was the part of Soğucak village facing the District. The people living in this area settled around the creek that passed through the district and was covered with willow trees at that time, where fish were caught with its clear water, and today's Gündoğan District was formed and this settlement continued as Camicedit and Orta district. The district got its name from SÖĞÜTLÜ, inspired by the "SÖĞÜT" trees that grow around this stream. Some of the residents of the district are immigrants from Greece and the Bulgarian cities of Provadi and Tarnova during the 93 War (Ottoman-Russian war).
Söğütlü was governed by the Subdistrict Directorate for many years. In 1980, the staff of the District Manager was abolished. The municipal organization was established in 1956. With the Law No. 3644 on 09/05/1990, it became a district consisting of 4 neighborhoods and 19 villages depending on Sakarya Province.
With the Decree Law No. 593 published in the Official Gazette dated 06/03/2000 and numbered 23985, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality was established and became a District Municipality affiliated to the District Metropolitan Municipality; Akgöl, Akçakamış, Akarca and Rüstemler Villages are also connected to our Söğütlü Municipality as neighborhoods, and currently there are 8 neighborhoods and 15 villages, 14 of which are forest villages.
The district is surrounded by Kaynarca district in the northeast, Ferizli district in the north, Hendek in the east, and Adapazarı district in the south and west. The distance to the city center is 20 km.