Tourism, which is referred to as flue-free industry, is a highly sensitive industry to economic, social, political, cultural, technological and ecological changes and developments. Compared to other economic sectors, tourism can provide income to the country or city in a shorter time with less resources and effort. Since most of the inputs are natural, historical and cultural, their dependence on foreign sources is low.

If tourism can be constructed well, it has the characteristics of eliminating the imbalance between regions, emphasizing rural areas, young people and women, encouraging the local people to protect cultural values, nature and cultural assets, and providing new functions to old buildings. Also tourism is a means of communication of different cultures and peoples. Thus, the world creates understanding, tolerance and friendship among the people of the country and helps to make peace lasting. Infrastructure and superstructure investments undertaken for the development of tourism contribute to regional employment and improve the quality of life of local people. As can be seen, tourism is an extremely important economic activity in the development of a country, city or town. Therefore, a good understanding of the tourism relationship between people and space is vital for the proper construction of tourism activities.

At this point, the latest developments in the information communication system offer new opportunities in the fields of marketing, management and promotion for businesses in the tourism sector and tourist destinations and provide a competitive advantage. With the widespread use of Internet technology, Geographical Information Systems have been used as a tool for the evaluation and promotion of tourism resources. Geographical Information Systems make it easier to gather and classify information and provide faster and more economical access to healthy information. With this research, the tourism values ​​of Sakarya will be transferred to the Geographical Information Systems and the correct understanding of the relationship between tourism values ​​and qualities and human and nature will enable the realization of new ideas, actions and projects that will direct the tourism of Sakarya. Thanks to the Sakarya Tourism Information System (SATBIS), both public and private sector projects will be constructed more accurately and the policies and projects to be implemented will increase.